The summer courses 2015 - our most popular and strongest courses

In the summer we organize our 9-day summer courses for the 21st consecutive year - unbeatable! As in recent years, we are in Nossebro in western Sweden. The courses are led by our head teacher Su Dongyue. Step one course begins June 22 and ends July 1, where Hold Qi up is the main exercise. Step two course is from July 1 to 10, and the main exercise is Xing Shen Zhuang.

Every year, we teach new things, so of course even this summer. This is true both in terms of different assistive exercises and the lectures Dongyue Su holds. He will among other things talk more about qi-field, things that are important and which have not previously been highlighted.

summer course zhineng qigong

The qi-field is a very important reason for the strong results being achieved at our summer courses. It not only gives us qi, we also get other things out of it, like love, good wishes, etc. That we are so many participants and so many have practiced for such a long time contributes to the strength and quality of the qi-field. But the most important factor is the main teacher. There is a difference between teachers, they have different experience and different strong gong fu. This gives a difference in the qi-field which in turn gives different results for the participants. The same exercise practiced equally long thus gives different effects depending on which qi-field the training takes place in.

Please read more about the summer courses in the reports of the 2014 courses,
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Welcome to this year's highlight - our lovely community in Nossebro!

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