Qi-comb regulation, a valued addition that has proven its self with good results

Last summer on our 9-day courses Su Dongyue introduced a new complementary method, Qi-comb regulation. A technique where we by combing ourselves with a special wooden comb on the head can affect our health. Many have used their new knowledge and the comb and several have gotten tangible results. During the coming summer's nine-day courses Su Dongyue will hold an upgraded version of the comb course.

At all times when people have combed themselves they have done so, alongside keeping beautiful hair, to maintain their health. There are no known cases where someone with illness and disease has become well thanks to combing. But now, after our course during the summer course, there are people that has gotten real results and recovered thanks to the combing. Below are some examples.qi comb regulation

"For quite some time I have had problems with smelly and somewhat painful tub on my scalp. It was so bad that my kids would make funny faces and tell me to go wash my hair. After using the Qi-comb twice per day for several months this problem has disappeared completely. As of today I have no tub and there is no bad smell coming from my scalp."

"I've had big problems with tiredness during some years. When I felt the most tired I felt difficult even getting out of bed to do my qigong training. After learning the comb method I found that when I got really tired I still was able to pick up the comb and while lying in bed I could pull it through my hair a few times and by doing so I got enough energy to be able to get out of bed."

"For 20 years, I have tried to stop taking sleeping pills but have not succeeded. But now, thanks to the Qi-comb regulation, I've finally managed to."

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