A special qi-field during the winter course

Qi-field is the main characteristic of Zhineng Qigong. When you see the great health improvements our participant has gotten, especially so during the longer courses, one understands that our qi field is special. The qi-field is very useful to get a better health and increased gung fu.

The most effective way to get more out of qi field is to join our longer courses with many participants, such as the winter course. There you have the opportunity to, during just a few days, get so good results that it would require years of training at home to accomplish the same - if it is even possible to do it on your own. Therefore, we recommend you, if you wish to improve your health, to participate in the winter course.

Winter course in Karlskoga starts on Saturday 14th February. There are places left on the course and there is room in the dorms. Would you like to join? Sign up here.

See you in Karlskoga!

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