A warm welcome to the winter course in Karlskoga!

Time passes quickly and soon it's time for one of the year's highlights for us who like to practice a lot, the winter course in Shenxin Qigong. The Winter course gives you the chance to practise more in a strong qifält for nine days with lovely qigong friends. The training goves you a timely addition of qi that we may need after a long, dark winter. Please read the previous years' course reports to be inspired and to take part of other good results from these courses. Want to join the course? Here you can enroll.

Course in qi-comb regualtion

New this year is that we also offer a separate evening course in qi-comb regulation. It's a simple qigong method that takes minutes to perform. The course was first introduced during the summer courses in 2014 and became very popular. In Karlskoga we will hold a new version of this course. Sign up and pay during the course if you want to join the course. If you want are repeat the course - remember to bring your comb!

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