The autumn term courses are starting

This summer's jubilee course in Nossebro was a highlight in many ways. After the summer break many of us are looking forward to practice together again in a strong qi-field. In August the first courses are held in Hanko, Gothenburg and Bergen. In September follows courses in Tampere, Parga, Karis, Lidköping, Lund, Stockholm, Trondheim, Bodø and Hamburg. Every month there are courses in several locations. It happens more often now that the courses fill up quickly so please book well in advance.

European Zhineng Qigong has held courses in Scandinavia since 1993. This term there will be over 40 courses in 28 locations. Apart from Sweden, Norway and Finland we are now holding courses in England and Germany too. Most courses are weekend courses in Hold qi up.

Those who want a little more training can join our autumn courses in Pargas (16/10) and Bergen (27/11). In these courses you get four days of training and in addition to day time training they include morning and evening training. In between the training common meals and get-togethers contribute to a nice atmosphere.

The group trainings also provide a good opportunity for practicing together. In Stockholm and Gothenburg the training groups start at week 32 and last until week 50. For information on training groups in other locations, please ask your local contact person.

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