Our stronger Qi Field gives even better results

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21 years ago Su Dongyue opened the qi field in Sweden when he started to teach Zhineng Qigong here. Since then the qi field has become stronger and finer each year.
The participants of the 20th summer course were able to give many examples of how the quality has improved in many ways.

One significant thing about the summer courses is the friendly and respectful atmosphere, with many gentle smiles. This warm atmosphere has become even more soft and welcoming through the years - beginners as well as repeating participants feel at home at once when they arrive.
- "I feel very safe here", as a beginner described it after the first nine days of the course.
Her goal was to work with a specific problem.
- "I get very warm, steaming hot. It was really bad before the course. I arrived on Monday and went to the evening lecture. The next day, when I woke up, the heat problem was gone. I hardly dared to believe it was true."
Setting up a goal this way with one's training has become more common among the participants. This way of thinking indicates a development of deeper understanding about the qi field.

Severe pain disappeared the first day

Another example of how results can come faster when your purpose is clear also comes from a beginner, a young woman with severe stomach pains. A friend had recommended her to try Zhineng Qigong and in March 2014 she joined a weekend course.
- "I had been lying at home for three months prior to the course. During the first day of the course the pain disappeared. I was amazed. Now in the summer course I realized I had more problems. For the first time I felt that my body was whole again. I feel very happy and calm now."

Participants who have joined many summer courses are a little surprised by how well the beginners manage so quickly to become calm and disciplined with their training. The reactions have become fewer and if they occur they disappear faster with less worrying. This is thanks to a calmer and softer atmosphere, which has to do with a higher understanding and trust in the method and the qi field.

More often now participants express a clear intention with their training. The will to get results is more distinct.
- "One really has to want to become better in order to do so", says a young a man who arrived to the summer course with a light depression.
- "Now I feel I have got past that", he said at the circle talk after the first part of the course.

Own initiatives to practice give good results

Maybe it's the participants who have taken a longer break in their training who best notice the higher quality of the qi field.
- "The training is not as tough as it was years ago. I felt such resistance to come here. I won and I am very happy now. I've felt very good this course. There's a huge difference compared to other courses."

One important difference is that the participants are more determined and take their own initiatives to become better.
- "In October my doctor said it would take 2-5 years to get rid of the pain in my back. This made me decide to try to cope with it until the summer course and use the training to make everything in order. A couple of days ago everything was ok!" said a happy woman at the circle talk.
- "And I have practiced the whole year, attended courses and focused on my back. Qigong is my tool to improve life."

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