Successful 20th Anniversary for our 9-day summer courses

As usual, there were many who took the opportunity to participate in our summer courses. In the step one course we were 170 people and on the step two course 150. After 9 or 18 days satisfied and qi filled participants went home from Nossebro in West Götaland, many with a peace of mind they may never have experienced before. As a man who took part for the first time said; "What a calm you experiences after the course - absolutely fantastic!"

Our students' understanding of what qigong is and what a powerful qi-field can help us with has significantly increased in recent years. This is evident in several ways, such as the calm, concentration and harmony in the training hall which is so much better compared to just a few years ago. The willingness and ability to practice even for those attending for the first time is significantly higher. This year a few returning who have not been to the summer course in several years. They all expressed that the difference was large compared to the past. More and more people are also using activly the qi-fields possibilities resulting in even better health benefits, both physical and mental.

The surprises Su Dongyue prepared in occasion of our anniversary very much appreciated. In every way it was a very successful summer courses that encourages continued and increased training, both on their own and in groups. Read more about the courses, what the participants expressed and the effects they had and a lot of other things in the course reports:

Summer course one 2014

Summer course two 2014

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