20th summer course

This summer marks the 20th consecutive year we organizing the 9 days  summer courses. The first year,  1995, our head teacher Su Dongyue held a course in Gothenburg and one in Åland. Much has happened to courses since then and most of all, our qifält has become much stronger and purer, especially during the past two or three years. Anyone who attended several years ago would probably experience both qifield and the results completely different now. The qifield is the main characteristic of Zhineng Qigong and the strength and quality of it can be absolutely crucial to whether you get the desired result or not. The qifield together with the training and the education provided is the reason that many people come home from our summer courses with such clear and positive results.
This summer it will be Nossebro again, to the delight of many who thrives at the school in the small town in Western Götaland. As usual, we start in the afternoon the first Monday after Midsummer, June 23. The step 1 course ends on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 2. That afternoon the step 2 course is starting and will end July 11. The atmosphere of love, peace and joy makes many come year after year and can not imagine a summer without at least a 9- day course.
Each year, we teach new things, even so this summer. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the summer courses we will besides the new course content also provide some surprises. Everything in order for us to understand more and to help us develop through qigong so that we can live a healthier, happier and harmonnic lives. The course price includes not only the course fee also lodging and food - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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