Summer courses 2014-02-11

Now you can register for this summer's 9-day courses. Even this year the course will be held in Nossebro , a small town in south western Sweden which has become very popular with our students . This summer marks the 20th consecutive year we are organizing the 9-day courses.The first 9-day course was held in Gothenburg in 1995.

The summer courses are our most popular courses, many students attend the course year after year . The strong qi-field , the warm community and lectures directly from our main teacher Su Dongyue; a few examples of what you do not want to miss. Year after year qi-field is upgraded and becomes stronger and stronger. Each year, we teach new exercises and other things that can help us in our training.

Summer course one begins on the afternoon of 23 June and ends on July 2. At Summer course two we teach Xing Shen Zhuang , for the fourth summer in a row . A strong method that has become very popular. The course begins on Wednesday, July 2 in the afternoon and ends on Friday, July 11. Sign up by clicking here


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