New ingredients at the Winter Course 2013

Quite a few persons think of shenxin qigong as their favorite exercise and it is a good exercise, especially so during the winter when the temperature drops and sunlight is in want. The exercise trains our bodies a little more, stimulates our qi and makes our qi go deeper. It can be regarded as a continuation of hold qi up.

During the winter course we have the opportunity to practice together in a strong qi-field for a total of nine days, and a lot of participants get good results of from the training. You can read more about the results from the previous courses in our course reports.

The winter course 2013 will be arranged at Karlskoga Folk High School. We arranged the last winter course at the very same school and it was highly appreciated due to its nice whereabouts and the nice service that they provided during the last course.

Karlskoga Folk High School

A game for increased understanding

During the lecture we will try a qigong game that apart from fun can give us an increased understanding of qigong and the qifield.

New elements in the training

In the training hall we will spend more time on the exercise snake arm. We will also have a completely new ingredient in form of a leg exercise. Due to this we will be even better prepared for the summer courses. Our training quality of xing shen zhuang should also improve.

You can book a place at the winter course here. Welcome to the course!

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