Cooperation with Åbo Akademi University

As a part of their workplace health promotion programme, Åbo Akademi University has decided to subsidize participation in our courses for their employees. Åbo Akademi University offers higher level education to the Swedish speaking minority in Finland. They employ some 1300 staff in Turku and Vasa.

The offer is valid not only for our courses in Turku (Oct 29-30) and Vasa (Nov 5-6), but also for all our other basic courses in Finland. Check our course programme for an overview of all the courses this autumn. Employees of Åbo Akademi University can find more information on Åbo Akademi's workplace health promotion programme home page.

European Zhineng Qigong Center has arranged courses in Finland for over a decade. We have active practice groups in 10 Finnish cities, two of which are Turku and Vasa. Åbo Akademi University will also support this activity by offering the group in Turku a place to practise on their premises.

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