Redesigned summer courses

Starting from the summer of 2011 our summer courses will have new content.

Summer course one - Zhineng Qigong step one - Hold Qi Up

The previous summer courses- level 1 and level 2 – will be merged into a newly designed course that corresponds to the first step of Zhineng Qigong. Many of the methods that have been taught in the two previous courses as well as some brand new things will be taught during the new course.

In Zhineng Qigong three steps have been taught. The first step is Hold Qi up that was also the main method in the medical department of Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Center in China. Millions of people have recovered or improved their health state from serious diseases or sufferings by practicing Hold Qi Up. It's also an important method to make the body and mind stronger and healthier as well as to develop latent wisdom and abilities. A firm base to go further into Zhineng Qigong can be built by practicing Hold Qi Up well.

Summer course two - Zhineng Qigong step two - Xing Shen Zhuang

Xing Shen Zhuang is the second step of Zhineng Qigong and will be taught during the summer course two, based on our strong Qi field. Xing Shen Zhuang can further and deeper improve and develop our health, the life functions as well as the super wisdom and power. It's an important flight of stairs to go into Qigong seriously. It's possible to achieve the top level of Qigong directly by this method. Twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort when practicing in our strong Qi field.

According to the standard process of learning Zhineng Qigong, students should learn and practice "Hold Qi Up", "Three Center Merge" etc before learning Xing Shen Zhuang.

Our suggestion

To get the best results we recommend that you visit our website regularly, join summer course one and summer course two, as well as the winter course (Shenxin Qigong).

Requirements for joining

Anybody that is interested can join Summer Course One 2011. To join Summer Course Two 2011 you must first join Summer Course One 2011, or alternatively Summer Course Level 2 one of the previous years. If you live in any of the Nordic countries it is also required that you first join the Winter Course with Shenxin Qigong. The Winter Course is recommended, but not required, for persons from countries outside of the Nordic region. The reason for this is that the Winter Course is taught in Swedish. Joining the Winter Course will give you a much better base to get fast and good results from the training in step two.

Registering for the courses

If you do want to join any of the Summer Courses 2011 we recommend that you register as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that all interested students will get a place. If you want to join the Winter Course 2011 we also recommend registering as soon as possible. If we get more applications for the Winter Course 2011 than we can take in, beginners will be prioritized.

The summer courses 2011 will be a new experience for all of us. However, the strong Qi-field that we live and practice in will remain. It is a strong contributor to the good effects that a lot of the participants get during the summer courses. The lovely atmosphere, the love and the joy that characterize our summer courses will not change either. We wish you all welcome to Nossebro this summer.

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