Summer courses in Nossebro

Now it is decided that this year's summer courses will be held in the Essunge municipality, situated in the province of Västergötland, which gives us a hearty welcome in the beautiful school of Nossebro. As usual we will stay in the school and practice for 9 or 18 days.

In addition to the good results that can be expected from the training, the summer courses also offer a great atmosphere and a sense of community, which makes these courses even more interesting and highly appreciated by our participants. In this sanctuary, that enables one to forget the thoughts and stress of everyday life for a while, people from different countries and environments, with different occupations and of all ages, meet to practice together in the Qi-field and share and exchange ideas with like-minded persons.

Many who have participated before have stated that they did not understand what Qigong was all about, and the thorough effect that Qigong training can have, until they attended the summer courses. It is not uncommon that those who only have registered for the first nine days decide to stay at the second level course after having experienced the stress free environment, the peacefulness of the training and the fast results the can be achieved. Furthermore, the fact that the food is good and many experience that they are well taken care of, can be considered as a bonus.

Kvänum 2005, Fatima utomhus

The education and the lectures of Su Dongyue, the intensive training schedule and the strong Qi field*, make these courses the best that we can offer. That is why we highly recommend these courses to all, not the least to those with serious health problems.

If you want to join one of the summer courses or both, please register as soon as possible: Level 1: 22 June - 1 July, Level 2: 1 July - 10 July. Participation in the level 2 course requires that you have participated in a level 1 course previously.

If you want to read more about the summer courses and results that previous participants have achieved, both with respect to their health and otherwise, go to course reports and/or personal stories here on our home page.

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