Course with a rheumatic association in Helsinki

For the first time we´ve had a course together with a patient organisation in Finland. The members in Reumaföreningen in Helsinki got a chance to learn Hold Qi Up. Hopefully they will get as good results as several other reumatics have got from their training.

The course, a regular basic course in Hold Qi Up, took place in a good athmosphere. An advantaged with Zhineng Qigong is that everybody can particiapte, do their best from their qualifications. That means, even someone with a severe physical disability can participate and get good results.

Helsingfors reuma 090222_350

Reumaföreningen plans to give the participants in the cours a possibility to practice together with a teacher at day time. Hopefully the course increses the interest for Zhineng Qigong, which can give more rheumatics the possibility to use the method.

One of the participants said like this after the course: "I went from the course with a lot of energy yesterday. I was almost jumping. Later I could feel my ailment but they just passed me by. When I laid in bed I could feel Qi floading around in my body. I feel asleep with a smile."

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