New way to treat neck problems

A lot of persons have neck problems. For this reason we always teach a method for treating neck problems at our courses in Acupoint TuiNa.

Different kinds of neck problems

Neck problems are common today, but not everybody who has neck pains suffers from exactly the same problem. Depending on what causes the pain, different treatments might be required. Our aim is of course getting as good results as possible. By teaching a new way of treatment, we are able to give our students more methods to choose from.

TuiNa students practice on each other

Qigong for increased strength and vigor

As usual we will have a two days course in Weituo Jin just after the course in Acupoint TuiNa. This method is particularly suitable for persons who want to train their physical strength and get more Qi. Therapists and practicians of TuiNa will find this training very useful to strengthen their own health as well as improving the results of their treatments. Read more about therapists and their need of training.


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