100 persons tell us about their results from Qigong

It is with great joy and pride that we now have published the stories of 100 persons on our homepage! Now you can read and share the experience and improvements that a 100 different persons have had as a result of practicing with European Zhineng Qigong Center.

100 persons tell us about their results from Qigong

Serious diseases

These stories are a subset of the good results that students have achieved. Many of them are about serious diseases where it generally can be hard to get improvements. Even so, after practicing with European Zhineng Qigong Center they have gotten better or completely free of their disease. They are to be respected, and there is much we can learn from their experience and the strong will they have shown while practicing and insisting to get disease free.

Better health

Sharing ones experience can help other people in their training, and we have much knowledge to gain from the personal stories. These stories show that this training can improve both our physical and mental health fast. We can get stronger and more vital and live happier lives.

Confidence in Zhineng Qigong

To get as good results as possible it is important that we have confidence in our training. We should enjoy and appreciate it. The personal stories, the research and projects can help us to build up and strengthen our confidence in Zhineng Qigong.


It is also important to insist on training and to train in our strong Qifield. To insist on practicing is in itself important. It is a training of ones own willpower and also a way to show ones trust in Zhineng Qigong, the teachers and the Qifield.

We wish that all our students achieve great improvements as fast as possible. You are welcome to share the stories of 100 persons.

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