A lot of new content

Lately we have published a lot of new content on our website.

Personal stories

We often publish new personal stories. As of now we have published 80 stories, and there are more to come. Read more under Results - Personal stories.

Course reports

As most of You may know we publish course reports from all of our courses. The list of reports have grown to be rather long over the years. Righ now we have 156 course reports. It is possible to search on type of course, city or something of particular interest that might have been mentioned in the report. Read more under Results - Course reports.

Health tip

Most of our participants are very interested in improving their health. Last year we started publishing health tip, usually one new tip per month. These tips might even be interesting for those who do not practice Qigong, so feel free to tip a friend about these. Read more under Other - Health tip.


For those of You that are interested in reading everything we have published on our entire site without having to click around so much in the menues we have a sitemap. On the map You will find it easy to see from the color of the links wich page You have not visited yet. The map is located under Other - Sitemap.

Tip a friend

An easy way to tip a friend about some content on our website is to click on the "Tip a friend"-button below. It will send an email message containing the link to the page You are currently reading.

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