Project Stockholm 2006 ended

Project Stockholm 2006 ended with a training weekend on April 1-2. Over 80 persons participated in the training weekend, most of them (50) as participants in Project Stockholm 2006. The project comprised 60 hours of training: three weekends, 12 hours each and two evenings a week of two hours each for six weeks. The training intensity and attendance have been high during the project, 43 participants have participated in at least 50 of the 60 hours.

Projekt 2006, gruppbild

The evaluation was performed by means of a lung function test, a so called PEF-measurement, and by means of a questionnaire. Here are some highlights from the results: 69 % of the individuals that were depressed or feeling low now feel better or much better. The corresponding number for stress is 78 % and for neck and back pain 64 %. The same improvement rate, 64 %, is seen for those with sleeping problems. The lung function test showed an average improvement of 23% for the five with the lowest reading before the project. A total of 28 out of 43 saw an increase in lung capacity, even though most of the participants had normal lung readings at the beginning of the project.

Arguably the most important effect of the project, however, is that many now have a better understanding of the training and through this have obtained an efficient tool for actively improving their life quality from now on.

You can read more about the training weekends in our course reports. We will also publish a report from the project under Tests & Publications / Research and projects.

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