Hold Qi Up with NHR in Gothenburg

A Weekend Course with participants from NHR with training once a week for the following five weeks was carried out on 28 January. The participants displayed great motivation and an impressive fighting spirit, especially considering the fact that many of them had rather big problems caused by their illness. Per, who initiated the course and the training, was there to lend a helping hand and to motivate his friends. So did Magnus who, not content with waiting for this course, joined a Weekend Course in November last term. Magnus has MS and in a short time he has found great improvements. Directly after his first course he became much more energetic and it has kept that way since. Both his wife and his parents, who have seen the improvements first hand, were inspired to join the course this weekend.

NHR 2006 01

Some of the other participants achieved fine results already during these two days and this was good information to everybody, increasing their trust in the method and what the training can give us in terms of health improvements: "I suffer from MS and that makes you tired very often. I joined a course 2½ months ago and that made me energetic. I have continued to practise at home every day and I am still energetic – it's incredible!" "I suffer from MS and I managed to keep my eyes shut throughout a whole section and at the same time I was able to keep my balance with my eyes closed – I haven't been able to do that for a long time!"

Per has improved a lot since his first course and for us who see him regularly it is a joy to see his improvements continue. He is continually getting better trough his training and during the Summer Courses the improvements are quicker and more marked. Since last Summer we also find a great change in the clearness of his speech. We did not know Per before he started to practise Zhineng Qigong but we would think that he is now pretty close to his original speech pattern.

The training sessions are continuing and several of the participants have applied for the coming Weekend Courses this Spring and we are looking forward to continued improvements with joy and excitement. For further reading about the participants' comments and about this weekend's course, please click on Results Course reports and about Per, please clock on Results Personal Cases.

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