New CD launched at the Winter Course

This years Winter Course is getting closer. It will be our 4th Winter Course and just like before the course will be held in Bollnäs. Many of those that joined the course before long for the calm and nice winter of Bollnäs and the powerful training in the Qifield.

Last year we launched a CD at the Winter Course that was suited for the intensity and amount of training we get from the Winter Course. A lot of participants have used this CD for their training during the past year. The find that they by doing this have been helped in enhancing and improving the good results that they got from the Winter Course.

Some persons that only joined our basic Shenxin Qigong course, and also some Winter Course participants, have asked for a CD that is suited for the basic Shenxin Qigong course. We have only been able to offer a tape during these courses.

Shenxin CD for the basic course So this year we also launch a CD at the Winter Course, but this time it is a CD that is suited for the basic course. Directly before the 5 days Winter Course we arrange a 2 days basic Shenxin Qigong course - our first Shenxin Qigong course during 2006 - and at that course the CD will be made available for the first time. After that the CD will be made available at all our Shenxin Qigong courses.

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