New project in Stockholm this spring

In the beginning of this year, we conducted Project 2005, a six week training period of a total of 60 hours. Since this project was so appreciated and brought such good results to the participants, we will now arrange a new project with the same structure: Project Stockholm 2006. All are welcome to participate. Participating in a project, and thus practicing more together with other students during a limited period of time under the supervision of competent teachers, increases the chances of tangible health impacts. During Project 2005, the evaluation showed that e.g. 85 % had seen an improvement or a significant improvement in their depression problems. As many had seen an increase in their energy levels. The number for stress problems was 83 %. The lung capacity had increased for 87 % of the participants. You can read more about Project 2005 and earlier projects on our web page under "Tests and publications" – "Research and Projects".

Project Stockholm 2006 is opened with a lecture by Su Dongyue on Thursday, February 9 in the ABF House, Sveavägen 41, at 7-9 p.m. The lecture costs SEK 100, but is free for project participants and members of our affiliated patient associations. After this we will have a basic course in the center of Stockholm on Februrary 18-19 and two training weekends on March 11-12 and April 1-2, which is when the project ends. During these six weeks we will have group practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the time is preliminarily set to 6-7 p.m.

For beginners, the total price for the entire project is SEK 3200, unless you are a member of one of our affiliated patient associations. They have a discount of SEK 800 and thus pay SEK 2400. This, SEK 2400, is also the price if you have participated in one of our basic courses in HQU. If you have participated in one of our earlier projects or one of our 9-day courses, your price is SEK 1600. There is a limited number of places available, and the early bird catches the worm. The day you pay the course fee on our Pg 612 09 45-8 is considered your registration date. Depending on availability, you can also participate in one or more of the training weekends even though you don't participate in the project.

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