Project 2005 Finished

A whole training weekend concluded the Project 2005, a period of six weeks totalling 60 hours of training together, with about 40 participants. The project was not aimed at any single target group but the participants were a blend of beginners as well as more or less experienced Qigong practitioners. Their state of health also varied, with most of them having more or less the kinds of problems which often plague our lives, such as stress, pain, insomnia, depression, low energy levels. About ten asthmatics joined the Project.

Project 2005 in Stockholm

We think the result was good, since many of the participants achieved clear improvements on various health problems which have influenced their lives in negative ways. The result of the questionnaire which was filled in by every one before and after finishing the project shows that about 80 percent of those who had such problems have become Much better or Better, regarding pain, stress and depression – typical everyday problems today. The energy levels became Much better or Better for 85 percent of the participants. So-called PEF tests showed an increase in lung capacity for 27 out of the 31 who undertook that test. For the five people with the poorest lung capacity before the project (asthmatics) the lung capacity increased by an average of 23 percent.

A more thorough report on the Project will be published shortly on our homepage, at "Tests & Publications/Research and Projects".

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