New CD for the Winter Course

The Winter Course of 2005 is getting nearer. This is the third time that we arrange the Winter Course and it is also the third time that the course will be arranged in Bollnäs.

Like in previous years we will arrange a basic course in Shenxin Qigong directly before the Wintercourse. This means that it is possible to practise Shenxin Qigong 7 days in a row in our strong Qifield.

The arrangement of the Winter Course will be similar to those of last year. We will arrange morning and evening traning even during the basic course. We will mainly practise Shenxin Qigong, but also Three Centers Merge, squats, a kind of armtraning, a little Hold Qi Up and more. A change from last year is that we now teach Snake Arm during the basic course. We will therefore add some practise of Snake Arm to the arrangement of the Winter Course.

New CD

A lot of the Winter Course participants have asked for a CD with training that is suitable after a Winter Course. We have now produced such a CD. The CD will be "launched" at this year's Winter Course and after the course it will also be made available for those who have joined the Winter Course on a previous occasion.Wintercourse CD

A little later

This year's Winter Course will be arranged a little later during the year as compared to previous years. The starting date for the basic course is on the second day of Easter, i.e. 28th of March, and for the Winter Course 30th of March.

To join the Winter Course You must first join a basic course in Shenxin Qigong. If You haven't tried Shenxin Qigong before we will give a discount of 400 SEK for the 7 days in Bollnäs. We have different choices of both accomodation and food.


If You want to know more about the results of last year's Winter Course then try our new search under Results > Course reports!

Welcome to this year's Wintercourse!

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