Four-Day Course in Stockholm

For the eighth consecutive year, we will give a four-day training course on January 6th-9th for those who have taken at least one nine-day summer course or have participated in one of our projects. Stockholm is our host this time and the location is the hall in Servicehuset Väderkvarnen, on Brunnsgatan 26. We train every day between 9 am and 4 pm.

At the premises there is a good and reasonably priced lunch restaurant that can be used. There is also a number of other restaurants in the near vicinity.

The course, which have been highly appreciated by the participants through the years, will provide you with an opportunity to substantially refill your Qi for the coming season. The strong Qi field, the rigorous training and the group Qi regulation during four whole days will contribute to this. Naturally, so will the opportunity to meet old and new Qigong friends. Provided that there is room it will be possible to take part for fewer than four days. Regardless of how many days you plan to take, you are required to enlist.

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