TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin in Gothenburg

It is time for this year's Gothenburg course in TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin. The course is very interesting in a number of ways: to body therapists who wish to develop their skills, achieve greater effect on their treatment and also get help in counteracting fatigue. It is also extremely interesting to those of you who have come to love Qigong.

At Akupunkt TuiNa

we learn a number of highly useful acupoints which can be used for treating illness professionally or for promoting personal health, or for treating one's own family and friends. We will learn several new treatment programs as well as some simple and natural ways to diagnose.

Wei Tuo Jin

is a traditional Qigong method which builds strength and Qi. It is compulsory at the official TCM courses at universities in China since it clearly improves the results of treatment and it helps body therapists counteract fatigue. In addition, the method helps therapists improve their health. Wei Tuo Jin is also used in martial arts to build strength. The course is compulsory for those who join Acupoint TuiNa but it is also suitable for those who wish to know more about Qigong or wish to build their strength. If you wish to read more about TuiNa or Wei Tuo Jin please go to Articles, Results or Courses.

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