New project in Stockholm 2005

The previous three projects we've carried out in Stockholm have all been highly appreciated. The results have been evident and for many they are a significant change, the participants have found a natural and simple way to improved health. No matter what status they where in when they joined, many experienced a clearly increased life quality through their training. Both their physical and mental health were improved and their energy was restored. We have received many wishes to arrange new projects, something which would give even more people the same opportunity. This is why we now are gathering our forces and publish our plans for a new project already in the beginning of next year.

From Project 2000

Who can participate

Primarily we appeal to members of various patient organisations but if we have room enough, everyone is welcome.

Time and scope

The project will run for six weeks and be started with a basic course January 29-30. Before the basic course Su Dongyue will give a lecture that will provide the participants with the basis they need to get as much as possible out of the course and the training. Two more weekend courses are included in the project, one on February 19-20 and one on March 12-13, when the project is closed. During these six weeks we will also have evening practice sessions twice a week. In total the project, excluding the lecture, comprises of 60 hours of courses and training. It is also possible, provided that there is room, to participate only in the three weekend courses.


An evaluation of the project will be made. It is our ambition to have the participants examined by medical doctors. This is where we need your help. Are you or do you know a doctor that could be interested in helping us, then let us know. We are grateful for any help we can get.


The price for participation is subsidized as usual. Those who have participated in any of our previous projects or one of our 9 day courses pay 1.600:- for the entire project: three weekends and evening practice. Those who have participated in a basic course pay 2.400:-. Beginners that belong to a patient association with at least 10 participants pay 2.400:-. Other beginners pay 3.200:-.

Registration and questions

Lars Hagner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 08-590 933 13. Binding registration by payment of the course fee to Pg 612 09 45-8. Please add a note of "Projekt 2005".

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Welcome to be a part of our next big project!

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