New contents in the TuiNa-courses

Good results from TuiNa

Several of our course participants have started to treat others using TuiNa and the results are good. We hope that we will be able to publish some personal stories about these results in the future. Wei Tuo Jin, the Qigong exercise that we teach when we have TuiNa-courses, have also given the participants good results. A course report from the latest course in Stockholm can be found here:

Results>Course reports>TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm [2004-04-29]

News in the TuiNa-courses

Starting from this autumn we will teach some simple methods of diagnosis. With a good diagnosis it is easier to choose a treatment. We will also introduce several treatment programs for other diseases and problems than those that we have treated before.


Several participants have expressed that they wish to find good acupuncture charts. We intend to get hold of charts that are made according to the official chinese standards and sell these at a low price.

The future

For participants that wish to continue their development in TuiNa we will introduce new knowledge in the future. We will introduce (amongst other things):
  • How to combine TuiNa with Qi-regulation.
  • How to combine TuiNa with other massage.
  • A special TuiNa-training.

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