Course and training group in Karlstad

The weekend 17:th to 18:th of January we arranged a weekendcourse in Karlstad. The participants learned the exercise Hold Qi up and some of them noticed some positive changes about themselves even during the two days. Even though some of the participants found some of the exercises a little hard they felt better about that during the course, one of them felt a difference from one time to another, even if we practised the same exercies only five minutes later. A woman that suffered from back pains had less pains during Sunday. On Monday her pains had reduced even more. A guy discovered that he had got an interesting result while he took his morning shower. He thought that his feet looked strange. Before his feet used to be stiff with his toes pressed together, but now his toes were apart and he stood on his whole feet.

The participants found the Qigong training to be interesting and saw the vaule of training together in a group so from the 22:nd of January Karlstad has a training group. Almost all of the participants joined the group already the first time. They found out then that several of them had got rid of aching pains. A guy had been rid of his tinnitus that he had suffered from since the 1980-ies! He suddenly noticed that he could hear the birds singing outdoor without any disturbing sounds.

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