Four-day Training Course in Gothenburg

The participants felt keen on having an extended period to study and practise Zhineng Qigong and to join our Qi field. Most of them have reduced their problems through training, but they want to get further benefits from training, not just to improve and maintain their health.

Since the four-day Training Courses are only for those who have joined a Summer Course or an extensive project, the training will be a little harder and the going-through of the execution of exercises more detailed. We also emphasized the improvement of our Gongfu – the ability to control the body and mind and to assimilate the training more – by brushing up what we have learned on Mr Su´s lectures during the Summer Courses.

At the end of the course during the circle talks with the participants, the refilling of Qi was evident. Their batteries were recharged, they felt very positive and inspired to continue their training. They thought the course was a fine way to begin the new year and that it had given them a lot of mental improvements. Here we will let some excerpts from the circle talks speak for themselves:

"I have practised very much on my own for the past year. And now I found that it is very different when you practise in the Qi field. I am very relaxed and, as I said, very motivated to participate in the organized Evening Training Classes."

"I think it was a very fine course, of course. I have done rather a lot of training alone but this Autumn I have not joined any Weekend Courses or evening trainings. I feel that I have not practised so well this Autumn. I have practised alone at home, but that is not the same thing. I got proof of that here."

"Thank you for a great course, with that good and really nice training. My batteries got a thorough recharge."

"I had some wonderful days. The greatest thing to me is that I have felt greater inner strength. I have been having my reactions but they have come and gone during the training class and afterward I have come out of it equally strong and I have kept that state of mind throughout. It is on a different level now."

"We would like to thank everybody for a lovely course. It is always delightful to join the strong Qi field and to see everybody again. It is as if it was Summer again, for a little while. I have felt calmer than I usually do on these somewhat more intense courses and I was able to concentrate more. This morning when we did the first training I could really feel it everywhere in my body. When the teacher gave us some extra passwords, then I got a much stronger feeling of Qi, and that is very inspirational. You also get curious and you think it is lovely. It almost feels as when you are in love - you get this pulsating and tingling feeling and you get very warm. You get a very strong incitement for training more. Now I am going home to get on with it. It was very well-organized course and there is a lot of work behind it, and I think it is very praiseworthy."

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