A Weekend With the Breast Cancer Association Amazona

The weekend started on Friday with a lecture by Dongyue Su in which he talked about the scientific research that he has carried out in China and especially the research concerning cancer. The lecture proved a good start of the weekend.

The participants were concentated during the training During the Saturday and Sunday Weekend Course there was a very positive atmosphere. There was a lively conversation among the participants, surprised at how much they were able to do, and they listened attentively to the teachers. Apart from the happy mood several of them also felt calmer and they slept better at night. One example: A woman told us about the back problems she had for the last several months. On the night between Saturday and Sunday, however, she had no pain at all. On Sunday she did movements which she thought would be impossible for her to manage.

We will report further results from our co-operation with the Breast Cancer Association Amazona later.

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