The 2003 Summer Courses

For the sixth year in an unbroken succession we spent our Summer Courses in Hamburgsund in the middle of the beautiful Bohuslän scenery, with the sea and a harbour a mere stone throw away. Both boarding courses – Level 1 and Level 2 with 100 – 150 participants and lasting nine days each – are much in demand. We live at the Hamburgsund School, having all our meals in the dining-hall and practising in the large gymnasium. The days here start with Morning Training before breakfast followed by a mixture of training and lectures with a break for lunch and dinner. The evening training ends the day and those who wish to practise more on their own can do so until midnight.Older people can practise as well, Stina 87

A Qualified Teacher

It is now ten years since Dongyue Su came to Sweden and introduced Zhineng Qigong to the West. Our first Summer Course was held in 1995 and by 1998 it was time to start with Level 2. Achieving greater understanding through our own training and to discover things on our own is something completely new to us. Mr Su´s favourite phrase has been: “Don´t think so much, just practise”. In retrospect we find that Mr Su with a master´s hand has helped us build a good foundation for our continued development through Qigong. The safety you get from of practising a good and safe method under a qualified teacher is important.

Interesting Lectures And How To See Qi

This year Mr Su held several interesting lectures on both courses, and those who wanted more theory were not disappointed getting insight into Qigong´s history and development, Gong Fu, detailed explanations of the exercises, information about methods to come - other than the ones which are new this year - and we understood that we, in spite of the ten years which have passed, still stand on the brink of a vast knowledge. Most of us have felt Qi during practise but now, with a little extra guidance it suddenly became a reality – the ability to see Qi. Many felt that it was a great feedback and an extra bonus for the hours spent on the training.

In the training hall Fine Results From Training

The main reason why there are so many participants on our Summer Courses is that they get such fine results from the intense and continuous training guided by a professional teacher. The fundamental idea of Zhineng Qigong is to help people get a better life through improved health and balance as well as more energy and by doing so increase the quality of life. In an investigation after the course 63% of the participants answered that they felt less stressed and 60% that they felt more energetic.

Relaxing in Hamburgsund Summary

The Summer Courses are the best thing that European Zhineng Qigong Center have to offer. The participants, beginners and veterans of all ages – from different parts of Scandinavia – find great fellowship here. We live, eat and practise together, helping and pepping up each other. Many have found friends for life and they return every year. They participate for various reasons; some are in very bad shape and aim to improve their health, others wish to become teachers. Summing up, this year’s courses were received very positively, irrespective of the reason for participation. The strongest general experience was that we have taken a step forward and we have begun somewhat more advanced studies. Through Mr Su we can get access to 7000 years of accumulated knowledge about Mankind, Life and Nature. We have been given a new and exciting perspective on the future which we also very well can call an increase in the quality of life.

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