Zhineng Qigong – a Tool to Help us Handling the Corona Pandemia

The Corona virus is spreading rapidly. It is easy to get contaminated and there is no cure. For elderly people and/or weak people it is much more serious. From time to time different viruses appear among us and a lot of people are in danger of getting ill before a cure has been found.

To give ourselves the best possible chance to resist viruses, Corona as well as any other future viruses, we need more qi. We need to build up our immune defence, keep calm and try to protect ourseves from contamination. If we do not protect ourselves, are angry and in a bad humour it is hard to stay well. Zhineng Qigong can improve your health, not least when we practise in the qi-field. By practising and building up our qi we all have a better chance to escape the virus effect of more easily or not even get ill at all.

To avoid the risk of contamination we are cancelling training-groups and courses at present. But just staying at home might make us tired and low and – if so- it is better to practise more. At present we are testing the possibility of setting upp training-groups over the internet, all the participants standing at home but at the same time many of us are practising together. We need the support of the qi-field and our ambition is to get this started as soon as possible. Then it would be possible to take part from home in a Summer Course trainings and/or basic course trainings or alternatively training for those who have not attended one of our courses but long for a chance to get more qi. It would also offer us a possibility to teach some practises that are good for us in the present situation.

Qigong is a professional method of increasing qi – the force of life – and boost it, to improve the immune defence and ease the calming down. Read more about Zhineng Qigong at our homepage.


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