Reload After the Winter – Join the Winter Course Week 8!

winter course qigong karlskoga livia eirill hanna 2018


With only three weeks left, it’s soon time for the Winter Course. The Winter Course is a training course where we focus on practicing Shenxin Qigong – an exercise that can help us to increase our circulation and get more energy, and is therefore very suitable for practicing during the winter months of the year.

winter course qigong karlskoga josefina 2018


For many of our participants the Winter Course has become a beloved, yearly tradition. The course provides an opportunity to improve our health and reload with energy after the winter. Many have also said that they’ve made good friends by participating in our longer training courses.

There are still places left! Take the opportunity and practice with us in Karlskoga week 8!

winter course qigong karlskoga 2018


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