New Recipe in the Tuina-course

We have arranged courses in Tuina since the mid-nineties. During these courses, we teach basic knowledge about Tuina as well as the meridian system. We also spend quite a lot of time during these courses on obtaining practical skills in acupoint massage, which is the kind of Tuina that we use.

We have massage recipes that have been designed specifically for different kinds of challenges and problems. We now have a new recipe that targets menstrual problems. Menstrual problems can have various symptoms. Regardless of symptoms, they can have severe effects on both private and work life.

The same recipe is also very suitable for menopause, also known as the climacteric. Age-related hormonal changes can give rise to a variety of different symptoms for both women and men. The male version of menopause is often called andropause.

When we arrange a Tuina course, we always arrange a Weituo Jin course as well. Weituo Jin is a traditional Qigong method with an excellent track record that dates back several centuries. The method can make our qi very strong. Getting more qi and making our qi stronger is good for health and for Qigong trainers. We especially recommend therapists that would like to do well when massaging others to practice Weituo Jin.

If you want to learn Tuina or practice Weituo Jin in our strong qi-field, you are welcome to book a place our very next Tuina course in Alingsås.

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