Pre-Registration Through the Website for the Courses in EasyCare - Comb To Be held During This Year’s Summer Courses

Just like last year, during this year´s Sommer Course, we will hold our popular course in EasyCare - Comb, once during this year’s Summer Course, once during level 1 and onese during level 2. The courses are only open for participants in the Summer Course. The course, which is about an hour long, is held in the evening after scheduled training and teaching. During the courses this summer, new information will be presented which will help us to both understand more and to get better results. Click here or here to read more about EasyCare - Comb and comments from participants who use the method.

Now you can register and pay for the course in advance. Register by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write "EasyCare comb", your name and what Summer Course the register refers to, course one or course two, or both.

The price if you are joining the course for the first time is SEK 700. The price includes a comb which you will get on the Summer Course. For those who have participated in the course before, it costs SEK 100 to repeat.

Payments should be made by June 14 at the latest to PerfectSelf AB. Swedish bank giro: 5265-3672 When paying from abroad: IBAN SE74 8000 0832 7969 3646 0176, BIC SWEDSESS

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