The Winter Course 2019

Our popular Winter Course is now available in our course list. During the Winter Course we practise the exercise Shenxin Qigong a lot, and that is appreciated by many of our participants that subsequently returns to the course every year. A lot of training during as much as nine days in our strong qi-field gives us good conditions to produce good results. If you didn’t already we do recommend that you read about the good results that the participants got from the Winter Course 2018.

Training, beautiful surroundings, meeting lovely qigongers plus a chance to get good training results that improve our lives. What more could one want from life?

vinterkursen 2018 maria josefina magda

A good way to prepare for the Winter Course is to book the course early on. At the Winter Course we also have different alternatives for living and food. The different alternatives for living are: Dormitory, double room and single room. The number of available rooms are limited. If you want to book a room we recommend that you book the course as soon as possible, after that you will be given the opportunity to book a room. Should you not be able to get your hands on a room we always have a place for you in our popular dormitories.

 vinterkursen 2018 hanna eirill livia

Another good way to prepare for the Winter Course (if you joined the Winter Course before) is to join the Winter Course training that we this year arrange in Stockholm. During that three day long course we practise the same way as we do during the Winter Course. The big advantage is that you do not need to wait for the Winter Course in february, the Winter Course training is held in november.


Book the Winter Course here.

Book the Winter Course training here.


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