The Winter Course and Summer Courses 2017

The Winter Course 2017 when we practiced Shenxin Qigong was held in February. Among the participants there were both many who repeated and a great deal taking the course for the first time, which was held at Karlskoga Folk High School. The Qi-field was strong, the atmosphere good and as every year the participants got really good results. Read more in the course report.

We are now closing in on the Summer courses. If you need inspiration to sign up, please read the course report above. Just as during the Winter course, the Qi-field will be very strong during the Summer courses where we also have the opportunity to practice twice as many days as during the Winter course; 9 days during Summer course one and 9 more days during Summer course two. Registration can be done here:

Registration for Summer course one

Registration for Summer course two

Warmly welcome to the Qi-field!

The Winter Course in  Karlskoga 2017 The Winter Course in  Karlskoga 2017

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