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Now it’s possible to sign up for the winter course in Karlskoga, 2017. During the winter course shenxin qigong is our main exercise, an exercise that is especially suitable in winter when it’s dark and cold. It’s very much appreciated and the winter course is a favourite for many people.

The course takes place at Karlskoga folkhögskola, located a few km outside Karlskoga. We stay in single- or double rooms at their hostel. There’s also a cheaper option in dorms. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the school dining hall and for those who want something small to eat in the evening – we also have access to kitchenettes.

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Book accommodation

Signing up for the winter course you get a welcome letter with information on how to book accommodation. We have a limited number of single rooms so if that’s what you want – sign up as soon as possible. First come first served… We always have free space in the dorms.

Notice: The prices at our homepage only includes the training. You pay for food and accommodation separately to the school. Information about payment, and other necessary information, you find in the welcome letter.

About the course

To attend the winter course you must already know the exercise. Therefore we start with a basic course the weekend February 18-19, week 7. Then it’s possible to attend the whole winter course even if you are a beginner. The last day, Sunday 26 February, we practice xing shen zhuang and that requires that you’ve attended summer course 2.

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Evening courses

Saturday 18 February, we will arrange an evening course in xiao gongfa. Xiao gongfa consists of small exercises, specially designed to fix health problems related to computers, like pain in the shoulders and neck, mouse arm etc. We will also arrange the popular course in qi-comb regulation during the winter course.


We use to be a lot of people at the winter course and there’s room for many more! Welcome to practice with us!

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