New and updated Xiao Gongfa

A few years ago we introduced it-gong, today it’s called Xiao Gongfa. It consists of simple exercises which are specially designed for those of us who sit still a lot or make frequent use of computers and/or cellphones. Spending a lot of time in front of a screen can lead to many different health problems, eg: pains in the head, neck, shoulders; pain in the wrists; headaches; eye problems.

The exercises in Xiao Gongfa are designed to stop problems like this. They take a short time and require very little space. They can be practiced while at work.

The courses have new updated content. Specific exercises have been devised for those with wrist problems resulting from repetitive use of a computer, mouse or tablet.

Look in our program at the dates we are offering this course to find the best time for you to join a scheduled course. Or we would gladly come and arrange a course in your workplace at a time that suits you.

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