European Zhineng Qigong Guest Plays at Playitas

European Zhineng Qigong will guest play at the training resort Playitas that is situated at the canary island Fuerteventura.

During the period 12-19 of August 2018 guests at the resort have a chance to join morning and evening training sessions with us.


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The newsletter for May is published

Zhineng Qigong NewsThe newsletter for May is published. You can read it here on our webpage.

Newsletter May 2018

Besides all the courses this autumn, you will find a lot of other things too. Below you can find the course schedule:

Our courses

If you want to read a bit about what has happened this spring you can read our course reports on the website.

Course Reports


We are Quickly Approaching the Summer Course

Now it is not long until the Summer Course! With about three months left to these 9 or 18 days of training it is time to put it in the calendar. Do you want to warm up with reading the course reports from last year you can find them here: Summer Course one and Summer Course two.

For many the Summer Courses are an annual event. During the spring we will publish some articles where participants tell about why they return to the Summer Courses year after year. Read and get inspired by their progress. The first article is about Åsa who tells about how she got help with migraine, the ability to create an inner calm and to cope with work during autumn. During the last two years we have published similar articles before the Summer Courses began. Click on the following names to read more about Fredrik, Marlene, Tove and Lorna.

2017 Sommarkurs Stamningsbilder Andy 440pxSommarkurs2017 1670px

The Summer Course Training Almost Fully Booked - Only Places Left January 6 and 7

There have been many who have signed up for the Summer Course training in Gothenburg this year. We've had to change premises once to accomodate more participants, but now even with bigger premises there are only places left January 6 and 7.

If you want to join the Summer Course training, please contact us and check if there is place, also regarding the other days if there is any cancellation.

There are places left for those who want to join the course in EasyCare for the eyes January 3. The lecture January 2 requires no registration in advance. Welcome!

20170106 11002620170106 110041

Correction during the Summer Course training in Stockholm last year. Also that course was fully booked.

The newsletter for November is published

Zhineng Qigong NewsThe newsletter for november is published. You can read it here on our webpage.

Newsletter november 2017

Besides all the courses this spring, you will find a lot of other things too, such as a report from the summer courses.

Summer course one Nossebro

Summer course two Nossebro

Below you can find the courses this spring.

Our courses

If you want to read a bit about what has happened this fall so you can read our course reports on the website.

Course Reports


Winter Course 2018

Have you registered for the Winter Course 2018? The winter course is one of our major courses and very popular. It has come to be a welcome break during our dark and cold season.

The Winter Course starts with a two days basic course during the weekend of week seven, when beginners can join. Then we continue week eight with the winter course itself for six days and the week ends with a training day in Xing Shen Zhuang which you can participate in if you have taken summer course step 2.

During the course we stay comfortably in a dormitory or double room at Karlskoga Folkhögskola (folk high school) and eat all meals in the school's dining room which welcomes us with a beautiful view of the lake. Because of pipe repairs we have this year limited access to double rooms and these are at the time of writing fully booked, but there is plenty of room in the dormitories. If we were to have access to an extra room, there is an opportunity to queue up. We recommend that you choose the available options – dormitory, for extra rooms is not something we can count on, it will be a bonus.

A strong qifield, a lot of training, nice course participants and a lovely environment lay the foundation for much needed recovery and good training results. The possibility of nine days of concentrated training under these conditions is something you do not want to miss!

A warm welcome to Karlskoga and the Winter Course 2018!

Vinterkursen Karlskoga bild2 440px

We will participate at the fair “Allt för Hälsan”!

ezq Loga 70x7010-12 November you can find us at the fair "Allt för Hälsan" (Wellness boost of the year) in Älvsjö. Usually more than 30.000 people visit the fair and we hope that many new participants will discover our training. During the three days of the fair you can meet us at our stand. We will also hold four lectures where the participants have the chance to try Qigong training. To help curious fair visitors to get started practising we offer discounts at the fair, among other things 500 kronor discount for our basic courses in Hold Qi Up and Shenxin Qigong for those who take the courses for the first time. We have also produced brochures that will be handed out. Please tell friends and acquaintances that might be interested. More information can be found in our digital stand at Stockholmsmässans website.

Welcome to visit us during these days!

Allt for Halsan 2017

Courses and Training in Spain 2018

We repeat the last two years’ very successful training trips to Almunecar. This third year we add a day to the course. The course will run from Saturday April 21 to Sunday April 29. Almunecar is situated 70 km east of Malaga and claim to have Europe’s best continental climate. We combine the opportunity for sun and warmth with joint training in a strong qi field. We will also arrange a beginners course on February 17-18, a course aimed primarily at Scandinavians living in the area over the winter.

Beginners course February 17-18, 2018
After the course in January 2017 in Almunecar, we now have a small group at the resort, practicing our method.  Now we are following up with the second basic course in Hold Qi Up, the weekend of February 17-18. In addition, a lecture will be given on Friday, February 16th. Even if the course is mainly targeted at residents in the area, it is of course open to all who wish to participate. Both travel and accommodation is cheap this time of year and some bright and warm days in our strong qi field on location in Spain, will do everyone good. Should you want to come with us, we can help with transportation and accommodation.

Spanien 1


Training course April 21-29
Morning training on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea, group training in our strong qi field on the top floor of our hotel overlooking the sea, sun and warmth in Europe's best continental climate, good hotel and good service, ample buffet for breakfast and dinner - yes, you will have all this and much more if you come with us to Almunecar the last week in April. The evaluations of the two courses we arranged earlier, show an overwhelmingly positive response. Here are some of the comments:

”The trip is fantastic and I really think you should continue doing it. It suits me perfectly combining training with vacation. Thank you so much for a wonderful training course. It brings so much energy to help you cope with everyday life.”

”It has been a super week, I could not have had a better holiday. BOTH vacation and, not least, a huge portion of qigong. The training has been SUPER, as well as everything else. Absolutely nothing to complain about. And the LOVING atmosphere we have experienced throughout the day!”

”The trip has been fantastic in every way. Good set-up (structure) in training sessions. Training on the beach was magical! The hotel was fine, the location could not be better."

”A big thank you for this course. I am very pleased. Have really nothing to complain about, nor suggestions for improvement. Thank you for this amazing memory to write about in the book of life! Thank you for great tools for life.”

Please read the reports from the last two trips on our website. You will learn more about how the participants experienced their training week in Spain:

Spanien 2


The training course is open to those who have attended a course in Hold Qi Up with us. Last date for registration is November 15. There are 35 rooms/beds booked and here is the first served basis.

Register your interest by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or notification via our course list on the website. Binding registration is made by payment of SEK 2,000: - to our bank account, IBAN SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 BIC: SWEDSESS. Refund upon cancellation only in case of illness, etc., normal conditions applicable to other trips.

The price of the trip is estimated to be around SEK 7,300:-. Following are included in your package price:

  • Course fees, a total of about 35 hours of training 
  • Accommodation in double room 8 nights
  • Breakfasts and dinners 8 days
  • Day trip with guide to an interesting place
  • City tour in Almunecar

Please note that flights are not included in the price. You will have to book your tickets to Malaga yourself. We arrange transfers to and from the hotel.

If space is available, it may be possible for family members to come along with without participating in the training.

Read more about beautiful Almunecar:

Read more about Hotel Helios Almunecar:

Welcome to a wonderful week in our strong qi field next spring!

Spanien 3

Autumn Courses 2017

ezq Loga 70x70

In about a month, our two highly appreciated Autumn Courses will be held in Karis, Finland and in Bergen, Norway. The Autumn Courses are four days long residential courses from Thursday to Sunday. Everyone who has participated in a week-end course in Hold qi up with us is welcome to join.

During the Autumn Courses, we train what we previously have learnt during the basic course but we also try to practise in a similar way as at our Summer Courses, which is the best training we have got to offer. Apart from training a lot of Hold qi up together, we also have time to acquaint ourselves with the Qigong philosophy and to go deeper into how we practise Qigong, not only in the training hall but also in everyday life.

The Autumn Courses are suitable for beginners, who for example wish to try to practise a bit more before joining a longer course, but also for experienced participants who wish to fill up with qi with winter at hand. The courses usually offer pleasant company and it is a good opportunity to meet and talk to other Qigong practisers.


Sign up for the course in Karis

Sign up for the course in Bergen

2016 Hostkurs Larkkulla gruppfoto 450

Karis 2016

WEBBkursfoto hostkurs bergen 16

Bergen 2016

Train Your Eyes With EasyCare

EasyCare is the name of a series of simple and effective qigong methods created by our main teacher Su Dongyue. Each separate method aims to take care of a specific EasyCare eye Malin 1 220pxbody part, such as the head or eyes, but is at the same time good for the whole body. Because the exercises can be done anywhere and only take a few minutes they are easy to include in daily life. To learn EasyCare is also simple and takes only about an hour.

EasyCare for the eyes is the second method in the EasyCare-series that we teach. The next course in EasyCare for the eyes is given during the Summer Course training in Gothenburg in the beginning of next year. Everyone who has joined a weekend course with us before is welcome to join.

By practising EasyCare for the eyes you can maintain and improve the health of the eyes but also stimulate the wellbeing of the entire body. In a survey we sent out to previous participants several of them said that practising the method improves their circulation in the head as well as other parts of the body and it also works positively for both the neck and back. Other participants reported that the practise makes them more positive. Welcome!

Despite the Summer Month – the Autumn Term has Started!

ezq Loga 70x70We are as usual early to start the autumn term and have already begun. Now when many are back at work after the vacation it can be nice to get off to practise and fill up with some qi. During this autumn there are many weekend courses to look forward to. During the years there are many who have got good results after only participating in one of our two days courses. Tove-Karin is one of them. After having suffered a stroke and then brain haemorrhage her language, endurance, initiative and ability to take action were reduced dramatically. For over two years she needed help with everything she did. 2015 she joined a two days course with us and already the second course day she had great improvements. She went from being able to lift her right arm about 20 cm to lifting both arms over her head. Her language improved so much that neither her speech therapist nor health care staff understood what had happened since the improvement was so quick and unexpected. Read more about Tove-Karins improvements here. The schedule for the autumn term's weekend courses you can find here. Be sure to book a bunch already now before the calendar is full. Welcome!

Here are two pictures from this year's summer course:

Picture from the Summer course 2017 Picture from the Summer course 2017

Summer Course One Now Begins – Welcome!

We are many participants just like last year who will gather in Nossebro to practise. Now the course is close to fully booked and we are looking forward to practise together with all of you. The more we are who practise, the stronger the Qi-field and the possibility for getting good training effects increase. We wish you all the best of results!

2017 summer course

Summer Course One Almost Fully Booked

The first 9-day course is now almost fully booked and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Nossebro. Before the summer courses a good way to think is that we always have something new to learn and more to understand in the practise. Our Qi field becomes stronger year by year, the chance to improve our Gongfu and health gets higher and higher. We wish all of you a nice midsummer and wonderful summer course, welcome!

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 499

The newsletter for May is published

Zhineng Qigong NewsThe newsletter for november is published. You can read it here on our webpage.

Newsletter May 2017

Besides all the courses this spring, you will find a lot of other things too, such as a report from the summer courses.

Summer course one Nossebro [2016-06-27]

Summer course two Nossebro [2016-06-06]

Below you can find the courses this spring.

Our courses

If you want to read a bit about what has happened this fall so you can read our course reports on the website.

Course Reports


The Winter Course and Summer Courses 2017

The Winter Course 2017 when we practiced Shenxin Qigong was held in February. Among the participants there were both many who repeated and a great deal taking the course for the first time, which was held at Karlskoga Folk High School. The Qi-field was strong, the atmosphere good and as every year the participants got really good results. Read more in the course report.

We are now closing in on the Summer courses. If you need inspiration to sign up, please read the course report above. Just as during the Winter course, the Qi-field will be very strong during the Summer courses where we also have the opportunity to practice twice as many days as during the Winter course; 9 days during Summer course one and 9 more days during Summer course two. Registration can be done here:

Registration for Summer course one

Registration for Summer course two

Warmly welcome to the Qi-field!

The Winter Course in  Karlskoga 2017 The Winter Course in  Karlskoga 2017

Extra lecture about Zhineng Qigong in Oskarshamn

Extra lecture about Zhineng Qigong in OskarshamnIn cooperation with The Narcolepsy Organization in region southeast we now arrange a lecture the 10th of May. It is an open lecture about Qigong, Zhineng Qigong and what results you can expect from practicing together with us. It is in other words not a lecture only of interest to people who have or are interested in narcolepsy. By participating in the lecture you get to take part of our Qi-field and therefore we also recommend you who have participated in many courses to join the lecture.

The lecture will be held from 17:15 to 18:45 in Oskarshamn’s cultural center at Hantverksgatan (bus station Oskarshamns centrum). The lecturer is Herbjörn Wilhelmsen.

Warmly welcome to the lecture to learn more about Zhineng Qigong and take part of our strong Qi-field.

Last Chance - Sign Up for the Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong

Time passes quickly and we are closing in on week 8. That means Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong! The course is anticipated and we are many who are looking forward to practice and fill up with Qi this dark time of the year. The Winter Course is one of our longer courses and the strong Qi-field in combination with intense practice gives us the opportunity to get good results/effects. Besides Shenxin Qigong we will hold a course in Xiao Gongfa and the popular Qi-comb course.

We are many signed up and it will be a nice week of practice, Qigong friends and laughter. Have you not signed up but want to join? Sign up here.

A warm welcome to Karlskoga

The Winter Course 2016

Single and double rooms are now fully booked on the winter course

Enkel- och dubbelrum är nu fullbokade på vinterkursenIn a few weeks it is time for the annual Winter course in Karlskoga, for many one of the highlights of the year. Many have already registered but there is still room for more people.

All the available rooms are booked, but there is plenty of room in the dormitories. If you want to share a double room, make a note of that when you book you room and you will put you on the waiting list. If we get vacancies you will be given rooms according to the list.

The Summer Course Training in Stockholm 170104-08 Fully Booked

A lot of people have been interested in our Summer course training in Stockholm over the Epiphany holiday. The course is now fully booked and we can unfortunately not accept any more registrations. For you who would have liked to join the course there are still possibilities to participate in our longer courses, such as the Winter course and the Summer courses.

DSC 09102

The Winter course 2016


Registration for the Winter course 2017

Registration for Summer course one and Summer course two 2017


Limited spaces for Summer Course Training and EasyCare for the eyes in Stockholm this January

Sommarkursträning och EasyCare, platserna snart slutRight now, we have quite a lot who have signed up for the courses Summer Course Training 4 to 8 January and EasyCare for the eyes on 4 January. We are not able to guarantee that the it’ll be possible for all who wishes to participate to do so. The earlier you register, the bigger the chances are that you can join the course.

Both courses will take place at “Södergården”, in the same hall we have our Tuesday training and our weekend courses in Stockholm. The qi-field is very good there.

At Summer Course Training, the least one can attend is two days. Those who participate more days have priority over those who attend fewer days. "

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