Practising Online – a new way to Practise Together in the Qi-field

As you know all our courses and training groups have been cancelled due to the present situation with its risk of getting infected by the Corona virus. We must take care and follow all the government’s instructions given to help us to avoid getting infected. At the same time we need to boost our health by practising, getting calm and strengthening our immune system.

We introduce Online practise, that can give us a lot of help. In spite of staying at home we can practise many together in our strong Qi-field. The tests we have run have been much appreciated by the participants. The practise have been strong and forceful.

Everyone who has attended one of our courses is welcome to participate. Dongyue Su encourages all of us to participate as often as we can. The Qi-field is important to us.


Start on the 1st of April

Now we are ready to start, the first training session is this Wednesday, the 1st of April. After that we offer training sessions every day.

The sessions lasts for 60 minutes. Monday to Friday at 8-9 pm BST. On Saturday and Sunday the time is 9-10 am BST. All sessions finish with Qi-regulation. During every session we also practise a special sound that gives us both relaxation and has a positive influence on our lungs.



Monday: Hold Qi Up – Basic course

Tuesday: Hold Qi Up – Summer Course

Wednesday: Hold Qi Up – Basic course

Thursday: Hold Qi Up – Summer Course

Friday: Shenxin Qigong – Basic Course

Saturday: Armtraining – Summer Course

Sunday: Xing Shen Zhuang – Summer Course


Prices and How to Sign up

You need a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. If you want to participate, send a mail to the following adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. State if you have attended a basic course or a Summer Course and also if you want to participate in Shenxin Qigong and Xing Shen Zhuang respectively or – having made the Summer Courses – want to attend all sessions.

You sign up for one calendar month at a time and have access to all the sessions in the chosen category. The price per month is:

Basic Course Hold Qi Up, two weekly sessions – SEK 300/month

Basic Course Hold Qi Up plus Shenxin Qigong, three Weekly sessions – SEK 450/month

Summer Course 1, three weekly sessions – SEK 450/month

Summer Course 1 and 2, four weekly sessions – SEK 600/month

All sessions, seven weekly sessions – SEK 900/month.

When you have signed up you will receive an answering mail containing more information on how to pay and other things you need to know.

Grab the opportunity – join our new method of practising together from the beginning!


Zhineng Qigong – a Tool to Help us Handling the Corona Pandemia

The Corona virus is spreading rapidly. It is easy to get contaminated and there is no cure. For elderly people and/or weak people it is much more serious. From time to time different viruses appear among us and a lot of people are in danger of getting ill before a cure has been found.

To give ourselves the best possible chance to resist viruses, Corona as well as any other future viruses, we need more qi. We need to build up our immune defence, keep calm and try to protect ourseves from contamination. If we do not protect ourselves, are angry and in a bad humour it is hard to stay well. Zhineng Qigong can improve your health, not least when we practise in the qi-field. By practising and building up our qi we all have a better chance to escape the virus effect of more easily or not even get ill at all.

To avoid the risk of contamination we are cancelling training-groups and courses at present. But just staying at home might make us tired and low and – if so- it is better to practise more. At present we are testing the possibility of setting upp training-groups over the internet, all the participants standing at home but at the same time many of us are practising together. We need the support of the qi-field and our ambition is to get this started as soon as possible. Then it would be possible to take part from home in a Summer Course trainings and/or basic course trainings or alternatively training for those who have not attended one of our courses but long for a chance to get more qi. It would also offer us a possibility to teach some practises that are good for us in the present situation.

Qigong is a professional method of increasing qi – the force of life – and boost it, to improve the immune defence and ease the calming down. Read more about Zhineng Qigong at our homepage.


Fix Your Holiday Plans and Register for the Summer Course Now!

Now we have the registration forms for the courses during spring and summer on our homepage. Check out our courses at to see all possibilities.


Our most popular courses are the Summer Courses where you get the chance to invest in yourself and your own well-beeing by practising Qigong for 9 or 18 continous days.sommarkurs-2019-45-1080.jpg

The courses are held by Dong-Yue Su. That means that you get a unique opportunity to learn more about Qigong and improve your practice. Let the summer draw nearer and register today!


From Dongyue to Everyone About Corona

We don’t get scared by the situation, we keep our calm. But we should be careful.

Protect yourself the best you can, avoid places and situations with a lot of people. Try to refrain from travelling by public transport, bus, tram, train or subway. It’s better to stay at home if possible. Shop for food less frequently and buy more each time instead.

Keep your mind calm, think positive thoughts such as “Nothing can hurt us”, or “No problem” or “We are together in our strong qi-field, we are strong” - or other, similar thoughts which are good for us.

Practice more, it makes everything better.

"Good wishes to you all"

Take a Break From Everyday Life to Learn Tuina and Weituo Jin – 7-10th of May at Tvååker

During the 7-10th of May we will arrange a course of Tuina and Weituo Jin at Tvååker in Varberg. The course takes place in some premises situated in a very nice rural area. The address is Nackhälle 22, Tvååker. We will learn and practise Tuina and Weituo Jin in two plus two days. Our courses in Tuina and Weituo Jin offer the possibility to take a break from everyday life, during a long weekend and at the same time learn something new and stock up on qi. For participants who do not live in the area there are hostels and bed & breakfast facilities available in the vicinity, e.g. Strömma Farmlodge (nearest), Karlsberg Bed & breakfast, Hermanslycke Bed & Breakfast and Anna's Bed & Kök. Lunch is available at the course venue but it must be pre-ordered. There is also a fridge available where you can keep your own provisions.

Join up in by entering in our course programme at Below here are some pictures of the course venue.

enebackens kraftkalla tvaaker 1enebackens kraftkalla tvaaker 3enebackens kraftkalla tvaaker 4enebackens kraftkalla tvaaker 2


Qigong Courses in Switzerland

This year we are happy to welcome a new place, in a new country, to our qigong circle: Feldis, in Switzerland.

Feldis is a peaceful village located in Graubünden in the southeast of Switzerland. The village is situated 1500 meters above sea level with lots of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, and beautiful scenery nearby. The area is home to several famous places such as Davos, St Moritz, Flims/Laax, but Feldis is more of a hidden treasure.

If you participate when we start spreading our qi-field in Switzerland, you will be eligible for a start-up discount of 40 CHF. This discount will only be available for beginners, and only at our first Hold Qi up course in Switzerland.

Should you travel there for the course, you have an ample opportunity to prolong your stay to enjoy this beautiful corner of the world a bit longer.

Join the course here.

 feldis schweiz mountains green housesfeldis schweiz mountains green sunfeldis schweiz mountains snow housefeldis schweiz mountains sunset

Register for the new "Children's Course"

Now you can register yourself and your child for the Basic Course in Hold Qi Up for Children! This course is adapted for children under the age of ten, and is the first course specifically aimed at children by European Zhineng Qigong. It is a great possibility for young children to enjoy the benefits of the qi-field. Learning Hold Qi Up as a child may be of great help even further on in life. Qigong can for example help one sleep better, or stabilize one's mood, no matter the age. A Qigong course is a lovely gift for your child!

The "Children's Course" is also an opportunity to spend time with other children and adults while taking care of your health. Both children and adults can make new friends in the Qigong community!

We start by assembling 19 o'clock on the 17th of April. On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th we practise Qigong and learn Hold Qi Up between 9 and 16 o'clock. During the day we'll take breaks. The child will need an adult who participates in the course with her or him, and who cares for the child. The accompanying adult has to be familiar with European Zhineng Qigong, by having attended at least one Basic Course Hold Qi Up. Adults without children are welcome to join if there is space, due to a limited number of spots.

The course is set in Skatboet, a scout camp in the beautiful archipelago of Värmdö, just a 20 minute bus ride from the city center of Stockholm. We all stay together in rooms of four and have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. If the weather allows, we'll grill hot dogs in the woods nearby on Saturday evening.

We look forward to a nice Qigong weekend, perfect for you and your child!

Sign up for the course here:
Spaces are limited.


anna children family hammock

Reload After the Winter – Join the Winter Course Week 8!

winter course qigong karlskoga livia eirill hanna 2018


With only three weeks left, it’s soon time for the Winter Course. The Winter Course is a training course where we focus on practicing Shenxin Qigong – an exercise that can help us to increase our circulation and get more energy, and is therefore very suitable for practicing during the winter months of the year.

winter course qigong karlskoga josefina 2018


For many of our participants the Winter Course has become a beloved, yearly tradition. The course provides an opportunity to improve our health and reload with energy after the winter. Many have also said that they’ve made good friends by participating in our longer training courses.

There are still places left! Take the opportunity and practice with us in Karlskoga week 8!

winter course qigong karlskoga 2018


The newsletter for November is published

Zhineng Qigong NewsThe newsletter for november is published. You can read it here on our webpage.

Newsletter november 2019

Besides all the courses this spring, you will find a lot of other things too, such as a report from the summer courses.

Summer course one Nossebro

Summer course two Nossebro

Below you can find the courses this spring.

Our courses

If you want to read a bit about what has happened this fall so you can read our course reports on the website.

Course Reports

sommarkurs2 2018 maria nossebro qigong 440

New Recipe in the Tuina-course

We have arranged courses in Tuina since the mid-nineties. During these courses, we teach basic knowledge about Tuina as well as the meridian system. We also spend quite a lot of time during these courses on obtaining practical skills in acupoint massage, which is the kind of Tuina that we use.

We have massage recipes that have been designed specifically for different kinds of challenges and problems. We now have a new one that targets menstrual problems. Menstrual problems can have various symptoms. Regardless of symptoms, which can have severe effects on both private and work life.

The same recipe is also very suitable for menopause, also known as the climacteric. Age-related hormonal changes can give rise to a variety of different symptoms for both women and men. The male version of menopause is often called andropause.

When we arrange a Tuina course, we always arrange a Weituo Jin course as well. Weituo Jin is a traditional Qigong method with an excellent track record that dates back several centuries. The method can make our qi very strong. Getting more qi and making our qi stronger is good for health and for Qigong trainers. We especially recommend therapists that would like to do well when massaging others to practice Weituo Jin.

If you want to learn Tuina or practice Weituo Jin in our strong qi-field, you are welcome to book a place on our next Tuina course in Alingsås.

sommarkurs 2019 rosor 1080px

Join the Winter Course 2020

Joining the Winter Course has become a popular tradition for many of our regular customers. The course gives you a chance to get a lot of energy and improve health, in addition to meeting-up with many like-minded people. Participants in previous courses have appreciated the Winter Courses even more since they are arranged during the winter when the weather is cold and the days are short. Please feel free to read the course report for the Winter Course of 2019 for more of their experiences.

We start the week by teaching a basic course in Shenxin Qigong. Due to this, we can practice more Shenxin Qigong during the Winter Course. We also find time to teach some shorter courses for taking care of the eyes and using a special Qi comb. We have now added the Winter Course of 2020 (as well as the other short courses mentioned above) in the course list so that you can book your place at the course right away.

If you joined the Winter Course before, you do not have to wait until February to practice a lot of Shenxin Qigong. We have a three-day training course in Gothenburg this November. You need to join at least two of the three days if you would like to participate. During this course, we will practice Shenxin Qigong the way we practice during the Winter Course. You can find the training course here.

karlskoga folkhögskola vinterkurs 2019 snow 3qigong magda malin shenxin qigong snö 4vinterkursen 2019 shenxin qigong träningshall 26 1200


Training Trip to Spain in Spring 2020

For the fifth consecutive year we are arranging a training trip to Almuñécar, a traditional and pretty small town on the Spanish Costa del Sol, 70 kilometres east of Malaga. The trip and the course have now become a tradition, a possibility to combine practicing in our strong qi-field with sun, swimming, good food and a loving atmosphere with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. The dates are the 25th of April to the 2nd of May. This is a course for those who have attended a basic Hold Qi Up Course. That family, who do not practice Qigong, can also join the trip is much appreciated. 

spanien 2019 7

Practicing Course 25th of April to 2nd of May

Practicing in the morning on the beach next to the Mediterranean, group practice in our strong qi-field on the top floor of the Hotel with a view of the sea, sun and warmth in the best continental climate in Europe, a good hotel with good service, a generous breakfast buffet and dinner, laughter and a loving atmosphere – you get all that and more if you go with us to Almuñécar in the spring. The course reports from earlier years show pleased participants. Among other things they have said;

“The trip has been marvelous in all respects. The practice was well structured. Practicing on the beach was magic! The Hotel was good, the situation could not have been better.”

“To be together for several days and getting to know each other promotes a better “interaction” when practicing and augments the good experience.”

“Practicing on the beach, a perfectly marvellous start of the day!”

“To me this is a great way of combining holiday and practicing. I am so greatful for having had the opportunity to participate. Thank you for a fantastic week. I am so pleased and feel great.”

“Practicing on the beach in the morning is magical and both the sound of the waves and the practice calms me down.”

“It has been a super week, I could not have had a better holiday. BOTH holiday life and not the least a good helping of Qigong practice. The Qigong practice have been GREAT, like everything else surrounding it. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to complain about. Such a feeling of LOVE one has been living in all day long!”

“Thank you very much for this course. I am very pleased. Actually I have nothing to complain about or any suggestions of improvements. Thank you for this lovely memory to put in my diary. Thank you for good tools for life.”

The whole course report from the trip in spring 2019 with further opinions can be read at:

spain 2016 training beach hold qi up qigong

We are staying at the same hotel as earlier years, Helios, situated at the beach and all double rooms have sea-view. Those who have been with us during any of the previous years have all voiced their great appreciation of the hotel, the rooms, the food and the service and last but not least the situation of the hotel. If you feel like it you can stay a few days longer, arrive earlier or go home later.

The last day for signing up is on the 10th of November. The principle is first come first served. We have room for 35 participants, we cannot get more into the training area. Family not taking part in the practice can come for a reduced fee, if there is available space in the hotel.

Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the course list on the homepage if you want to participate. The notification is binding when you have paid SEK 2000:- to Bg 862-0171, IBAN SE02 8000 0832 7992 3432 8616 BIC SWEDSESS. Refunding when cancelling only when you are ill, normal conditions as for other travels.

The price for the trip is SEK 7.900:- and this is included in the package deal:

  • Fee for the course, 30 hours of group training in all. The first practice is on Saturday 17.30-19.30 and the last on Friday at the same time.
  • Seven nights in a shared double room
  • Breakfast daily and seven dinners
  • An all day excursion to a place of interest

N.B. Flights are not included in the price, you will need to book you’re your own flights to and from Malaga. If you wish we can arrange transfer to and from the hotel for a fee. If you want a single room that can be arranged subject to availability, the price for the trip will then be SEK 9.500:-. We cannot guarantee sea-view from the single rooms.

Read more about beautiful Almuñécar:

Read more about Hotel Helios Almuñécar:

Welcome to a lovely week in our strong qi-field in the spring!

spain 2019 training hotel helios hold qi up qigong



The Vanishing Mole – a Result From Summer Course 1 2019

Janna has been practicing with us for several years and took part in Summer Course 1 this year. Here she tells us about what happened when she came home from the course:

Shortly before I left for the course I went to my doctor to get a new certificate for my physiotherapy. He also checked on a mole on my back that was bleeding at times and had started to change colour. The doctor thought that it looked a bit doubtful and that it was important to remove it surgically and send it to the pathologist for a check-up.

Sometimes during the course it hurt me when my assistant lifted me up, it was in an uncomfortable place on the back. I put an elastoplast on my back to prevent it from bleeding too much. The last afternoon after the shower I forgot to put the elastoplast on.

The day after I returned from the Summer Course I had an appointment with my doctor to surgically remove the mole. When my assistant and the doctor lifted my tunic to look at the mole and start the proceedings, there was, to everyone’s amazement, no mole there! The doctor scrutinized the skin where the mole had been and could only come to the conclusion that the skin looked quite healthy. He said that at present nothing was needed but that I should come back if the mole turned up again, put at present everything looked quite healthy.

During a qi-regulation during the course I wished that the mole would disappear by itself so that I would not have to be put under the knife. I do not know when it loosened and fell off, maybe the last night, the last morning or during the trip home! Anyhow it was a marvellous surprise!

Please click here to read more about Janna

sommarkurs 2019 janna


From now on the following changes apply to Gothenburg:

Elisabeth Öberg has been the contact person for Gothenburg for many years but Elisabeth will now retire from August 2019. We thank her for the time that she has served in this role, and wish her good luck with life as a pensioner!

The new contact person responsible for Gothenburg will be Kate Ohlsson. You can reach her on:
Mobil: 0704-24 64 84
E-post: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Courses This Autumn

Do you also want to join a course and have the possibility to improve your health? Or do you already practice with us and want to learn more? Here you can find all of our courses for this autumn:

We arrange basic courses in Hold Qi Up and Shenxin Qigong in many different places in the Nordic countries and near Norwich in England. We also arrange continuation courses, such as our 4 day long Autumn Courses, one in Norway and one in Finland, for those who have joined at least one basic course in Hold Qi Up. If You have joined Summer Course 2, the training course in Xing Shen Zhuang in Stockholm can be a good opportunity for practice. Those who have attended the Winter Course can participate in our training course in Gothenburg where we focus on exercises we’ve learned during the Winter Course. Every semester we also arrange a course in Tuina and Weituo Jin. This autumn the course will take place in Alingsås.

Do you want to know what results participants have had from participating in our different courses? You are welcome to read our course reports. You can find them here: We extend a warm welcome to you if you would like to practice with us!


A picture from this year’s Winter Course in Karlskoga.


A picture from one of our Tuina courses.

“I am so Very Grateful”

After the first Summer Course this year one of the participants got in touch with us to tell us about the great help she felt that she and her child had received due to the participation in the course.

Above all she was very grateful for the nice way all the participants had treated her child. The child enjoyed the course very much and the social interaction the course offers. After the course the child felt very different and described it as if she was a new person.

The participant herself told us about all the positive effects she got during the course.

“A lot of things have happened in my brain and they continue a bit now too. It was during the course that something let go in my back/nape of the neck during the armtraining, which was so good. I felt it both mentally and physically. When things changed in my body during this course it felt as if the new better version was there already. Also there was a nice feeling that we really are heading towards harmony. In my chest at the sternum I had a feeling that a small “space” was opened up, which also felt very good. It is easier to be calm.”

Nine days practice can make a great difference. An improved state of mind is really important to our lives and our health. We will soon be publishing the course report from Summer Course 1 where you can read more about the participants good results.

sommarkurs 2019 19

News about this year's Summer Courses and EasyCare QiComb courses

This year’s Summer Courses and EasyCare QiComb courses will have some new content, to help us further understanding of Qigong and how to train and practice more effectively. Even though eighteen days is a limited time, we have in past summers consistently achieved good training effects and progress. The Summer Courses a source of energy and wisdom for Qigong and provide us with new opportunities to improve our health and happiness, and benefit our lives. Let’s cherish this annual chance and strive for the best results.

sommarkurs 2018 nossan


The newsletter for May is published

Zhineng Qigong NewsThe newsletter for May is published. You can read it here on our webpage.

Newsletter May 2019

Besides all the courses this autumn, you will find a lot of other things too. Below you can find the course schedule:

Our courses

If you want to read a bit about what has happened this spring you can read our course reports on the website.

Course Reports


Pre-Registration Through the Website for the Courses in EasyCare - Comb To Be held During This Year’s Summer Courses

Just like last year, during this year´s Sommer Course, we will hold our popular course in EasyCare - Comb, once during this year’s Summer Course, once during level 1 and onese during level 2. The courses are only open for participants in the Summer Course. The course, which is about an hour long, is held in the evening after scheduled training and teaching. During the courses this summer, new information will be presented which will help us to both understand more and to get better results. Click here or here to read more about EasyCare - Comb and comments from participants who use the method.

Now you can register and pay for the course in advance. Register by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write "EasyCare comb", your name and what Summer Course the register refers to, course one or course two, or both.

The price if you are joining the course for the first time is SEK 700. The price includes a comb which you will get on the Summer Course. For those who have participated in the course before, it costs SEK 100 to repeat.

Payments should be made by June 14 at the latest to PerfectSelf AB. Swedish bank giro: 5265-3672 When paying from abroad: IBAN SE74 8000 0832 7969 3646 0176, BIC SWEDSESS

qigong sommarkurs 2018 maria nossebro

Calligraphy "Harmony" - pre-order on our website

In the summer of 2019 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our 18 day Summer Course. A few years ago, for our 20th anniversary, participants had the opportunity to buy a hand written calligraphy of the word "Qi". Many have said that the calligraphy is a nice addition to their training room which helps them to get in the mood for practice.

For this Summer Course, you have the opportunity to buy another calligraphy. This time, of the Chinese word for "Harmony". The calligraphy serves to spread a harmonious atmosphere and potentially help practitioners get into and sustain a state of peace and harmony. The calligraphy comes in a photoframe with the dimensions 18x24 cm (13x18 cm picture size with passepartout). You may choose between either a black or white frame, the calligraphy may either be standing or hanging on the wall. The price is 500 SEK. Only you who join the Summer Course this summer are able to get one (maximum one per person). We only have a limited number and cannot guarantee that everyone gets one.

Pre-order of the calligraphy "Harmony"

Book your calligraphy by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and write which color of the frame you wish. If there are any left, we will send you a confirmation email with payment information.

Our courses

Course reports

about us

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