Zhineng Qigong is suitable for both healthy and sick people.

The interest in Qigong grows in the west. Qigong is not only for sick persons, it's suitable for healthy people as well. The aim is to improve health and life quality. The paper "Borgåbladet", writes an article about Zhineng Qigong due to a basic course in Borgå. In the article the project with the Asthma and allergy association, tested on the Karolinska hospital, is mentioned. There are many different Qigong methods and the teacher Angelica Berg states the importance of examining the method you want to practice and see what results the students have got from the training.

Migraine improved after practicing Zhineng Qigong.

Camilla, one of the participants, says that her migraine has improved since she started to practice. She also says that she was a bit skeptical to the training in the beginning. "Qi is a common term in China but it's hard for me with my western way of thinking to understand but the more I practice, the more I understand", she says.