Practitioner gets better from a whiplash injury by practicing Zhineng Qigong.

In the paper "Ljusnan" August 13, 1999, we can read that 13 years ago Ingrid suffered a whiplash injury in a traffic accident. She says that she had tried everything to reduce the pain and she had almost given up hope. In a paper she read an article about someone with a whiplash injury who got better by practicing Qigong but Ingrid thought it wasn't suitable for her. Still, when a friend of hers was going to attend a course she came along. She noticed an improvement immediately. After the summer course she improved a lot more. Her doctor could barely believe she had got that much better. Ingrid says that it was wonderful to see all the good results people got from the course. "Qigong has made me believe in life again. The training has been an investment for my future," she says.