"A master in town", author Gunnar Arén. "Qigong – An inner journey to harmony", author Johanna Linder.

Qigong is an efficient way to get more Qi.

When DongYue Su came to Smedjegallerian in Jönköping to give a lecture "Jönköpingsbladet" was there to write about the lecture and the following basic course. It turned out as two articles with several pictures, one of them with the headline "A master in town". It mainly concerns DongYue and his experience and knowledge in Qigong. In the article you can read that about 40 persons came to the Friday lecture about Qigong, a training method to get more Qi (life energy) regularly used by over 80 millions Chinese. Significantly more people practice Qigong than Tai Chi, it's stated in the article. 25 people from Jönköping took the chance to learn Zhineng Qigong at the basic course. "When someone dies in China we say that there's no more Qi. Qigong is an efficient way to get more Qi", DongYue is quoted in the article.

The other article with the headline "Qigong – an inner journey to harmony" describes mainly the basic course and how it was experienced by the participants. "With an almost hypnotizing voice DongYue Su, a considerate Chinese man, repeats how to do the movements: Open ...Close. The participants' hands are rounded, like keeping a boll in front of the body and they move slowly, slowly, it's almost impossible to notice". That's how the reporter Johanna Linder describes what she sees in "Folkets hus" where participants are practicing with the eyes closed.

"It's about an instinctive healthy movement inherited from generation to generation", says DongYue in the article. Anette Traxler was the initiator to the course in Jönköping and she says that she came in touch with the method through Asthma- and allergy association in Stockholm County. By practicing Zhineng Qigong her asthma, allergy and her slipped disks improved. After a couple of months of training the pain was gone. "I wanted to share this", she says in the article. Another participant interviewed in the paper is Monica Fogelberg. She never tried something like this before. She has traveled from Tidaholm to attend the course. "And it's not only due to my rheumatism that I do this. The thought of getting more energy appeals to me", she says in a quote.