Uppsala Nya Tidning

DongYue Su's lecture in Uppsala attracted about 20 listeners. People from all walks of life as well as a reporter from the local paper were there to learn more about Zhineng Qigong. In the article you can read that the audience got to see how relaxed Qigong can make you. DongYue Su shows how softly he can use his hand. "His hand is moving like an octopus. It looks like he hasn't got many bones in the fingers that fluttered freely in the air". That's how the reporter Per Alvant describes what he sees.

The article describes further what the lecture is about, namely what Qigong is and what results you can get from the practice. Above all the article describes how Qigong can help us to get better ability to concentrate. "If you can learn how to concentrate and relax at the same time you will have more energy to do more things" says DongYue Su in the article. This is something many people would like. "If the training really can improve the ability to concentrate it's worth trying", says Jan Henrik Lund in a quote. The audience got to try what you can do with Qigong. In combination with an exercise DongYue Su made the one hands' fingers longer for everyone in the audience, except the reporter. Maybe he focused too much on work?