Bladet Järfälla kommun nr 4

Zhineng Qigong project tested at Karolinska Hospital.

In connection with Järfälla County offering their employees a subsidized course in Zhineng Qigong an article was published in the county paper "Bladet". The article describes the method and tells how it's recommended by the Chinese authorities after having been checked by an expert council. The article also contains a presentation of DongYue Su and a report from a successful project carried out in Sweden. For instance it's mentioned that docent Olle Zetterström tested participants before the project and the test showed significant improvements in the participants' lung functions.

Pain in muscles disappeared after practicing Zhineng Qigong.

The article finishes with the personal story of Carina, who is employed in Järfälla County. She describes that she got rid of pain in her muscles that she had for nine years. In a quote you can read: "Immediately I started to sleep better, I was happier and felt better in general both physically and mentally. After participating in a nine days course this summer also the pain in my muscles disappeared."