Svenska dagbladet, October 22, 1998

Zhineng Qigong project was tested by Karolinska hospital.

The project's participants were tested at the Karolinska hospital, by docent Olle Zetterström, before and after the two month long project. The tests showed significant improvements in the lung function even though the period of Qigong training was relatively short. Over 50 % of the participants could stop or reduce their medicines. Olle Zetterström commented the training like this: "It's notable that the training gave such positive results even though it took place in the autumn when patients with bronchi problems usually get worse."

The participants could evaluate the subjective improvements in a questionnaire. This showed that many of them experienced increasing positivism and a higher level of energy. In the article some participants explain what the training has given them. For instance Linnea's sleep was improved. The training gave her energy to handle the daily life better. Lisbet, another participant, doesn't need her medicines anymore. She experience that she is happier and more energetic. Her kids encourage her to practice. "You are a much better mother then", they say.