SIF nr 19 1997

The paper SIF presented an article about musicians who have learnt to practice Qigong with European Zhineng Qigong Center. Stress and pressure injuries are common among professional musicians and therefore the orchestra house chose to pay half of the course fee for the members in Gothenburg symphony orchestra who wanted to try Qigong. When the article was written almost one third of the orchestra had attended a course. Pictures illustrate how the musicians practice together before rehearsals and tours.

Zhineng Qigong helps to get balance between body and mind.

The personnel manager in the orchestra, Maj Ahlqvist, was interviewed about why she thinks that so many chose to try Qigong. Her answer is that you want to find a way to get balance between body and mind. Three musicians are interviewed in the article and all of them have only positive comments about the results from the Qigong training:

"I don't experience as much stress as before and I've learned to say no to things", says the violinist Ingrid Sjönnemo. She also states that she is more energetic, stronger in her arms and she has improved her eating habits.

Zhineg Qigong raises the ability to concentrate.

In several quotes Björn Bohlin, who has played oboe in the orchestra for 22 years, describes how his life is changed by Qigong. He is calmer and less nervous before difficult solo performances. The ability to concentrate is better and he has less need for approval. Furthermore, he tells that he doesn't need the glasses he has had since he was 8 years old. "I think that I'm more loving and less judgmental", he says in one of the quotes.

Peter McKinnon, who plays base trombone, describes that he feels less stressed and that he has better control when he plays now that he practices Qigong. He is also quoted in the article. "When it's really stressful inside it still feels like I have more time."