LänsSvalan nr 3, 2004

Zhineng Qigong made gluten and lactose problems disappear.

Björn tells the paper "Länssvalan" that already as a child he suffered from eczema. Still he studied to become a hairdresser. After a couple of years he had to change his profession as his skin reacted. He also says in the article that for a long time he had problems with his stomach. Over the years he tried different diets and he also went to see a doctor. The doctor stated that he was intolerant to gluten and also to other provisions. For several years Björn practiced meditation but when he found that he didn't make any more progress he started to practice Zhineng Qigong. Qigong has improved his health a lot. Björn tells in the article that he got great results after a summer course. After that course he could have a regular diet, with gluten and milk products without getting stomach problems. The writer of the article meets Björn in his garden where he works "without any problems with dry skin or eczema," the author notice.