Aftonbladet Hälsa

In 1997 the Asthma and allergy association had their first Qigong project. It was supervised by the Karolinska hospital and showed good results. After about 80 hours of training, during the two month project, many participants could reduce or altogether quit their medicines. In addition, many also experienced increased happiness, less stress and less pain.

In the autumn of 2000, a new Qigong project was organized that is now in the process of being evaluated. Lars Hagner, who arranged the course together with Su Dongyue, believes that the results of this project will be even better than the previous one. But in the article he also points out that Qigong isn't a method for treating disease, but a training method. He also points out that the results one gets from practicing Qigong differ depending on the particular school of Qigong one is a student for.

Asthma improved after practicing Zhineng Qigong.

Katarina Schmidt is one of the participants of the project; "My asthma has improved quite much" she says. She also says that she is more agile, happier and less brooding.