Länssvalan 2001

In "Länssvalan" number 2, 2001, we can read about the results from the latest Qigong project. The first project run 1997 gave good results. In this project people from the Migraine organization also participated, and like the project in 1997, this one also showed good results.

Pain reduced after training Zhineng Qigong.

About 60 % of the participants improved their lung functions from the training. Many also had other health improvements such as less pain. One of them, Britt-Marie, shared that her life had been tough the last few years: "I saw Qigong as an opportunity to turn a negative spiral around and it seems to have worked". Colleagues commented that she seemed more harmonious and she could move in a more agile way.

Pulse and blood pressure lowered after practicing Zhineng Qigong.

Tests also showed that her pulse and blood pressure had lowered. In all, 34 members of the Asthma and allergy association participated in the project.